We maximize genome potential.
Logomix, Inc.
What we believe in
Information empowers recycling of genomic resources for well-being and healthy ecosystem for all lives on the earth.

Who we are

Logomix is working at the intersection of biology and information technology, building own proprietary platform system for genomic architect to improve and accelerate the process of engineering biology .


What we do

We integrate our unique platform system of genomic architect with a cluster of comprehensive knowledge and expertise of genomic writing.

Logomix is a synthetic biology startup company founded in Tokyo in 2019, based on the intellectual properties and genome writing knowledge cluster of Dr. Yasunori Aizawa, Associate Professor of Life Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Yasunori Aizawa (Co-founder & CEO)
  • Associate Professor of School ofLife Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Postdoctoral training at Columbia University (Anna M. Pyle’s Lab) and then at the Johns Hopkins University (Jef D. Boeke’s Lab).
  • Principal Investigator, Yeast Genome Synthesis Consortium (Sc2.0)
  • Genome Project-write, International Council Member (Representative from Japan)GP-write
  • Project Leader of GP-write Approved Pilot Project "Synthetic Screening for Essential Introns and Retroelements in Human Cell and Animals".

Contact us
Logomix, Inc.
Email: info@logomixgenomics.com